Reservation – A Controversial Subject

The hottest and the most controversial topic circulating in Indian Media today is reservation. India gained Independence almost seventy years back and the quota and reservation was introduced then to uplift the backward castes of India. Reservation is talked among all the political parties only to gain votes. This is the simple divide and rule policy. Didn’t we hear in our kindergartens about the famous tiger and cows story? I’m not here to argue in favor of reservation for general category people or cancel the whole reservation system but have a different view point.

“Rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer”. Agree? The people who got benefited by reservation are the people who keep getting benefited. The people who do not get to use or are unaware of reservation continue to remain ignorant, backward and poor. Let us take an example. A boy from a poor backward background completed his schooling in 1980’s and gets into a medical college by the virtue of his quota. Amazing !! This is the reason we have the reservation. Now thirty years after, the same man sets up a hospital and becomes a successful doctor. Now the successful doctor’s son completes his schooling and gets good grades but not good enough to get a medical seat in general category. But he still has his reservation intact and gets into a medical college. Is this right?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Our government instead of just feeding people with subsidy and freebies, can correct this anomaly and give right infrastructure to the right persons. Government can deny reservation for the family that benefited twice (some ‘n’) by reservation and have a degree holder or two in the family and hence ensure reservation reaches the right people.

If you think it is tough for the government to regulate, then what if the successful doctor or the doctor’s son gives up his reservation voluntarily? It will help his own fellow backward community people. Isn’t it better than a Government or a Court enforcing it? By voluntarily giving up the reservation, his stature and respect in the society increases. Instead of relaxing for couple of marks lesser, he will work harder and compete for perfection thereby increasing the standard of entire country and more importantly the reserved seat will reach the right candidate.

Think Think Think !!


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