Asura: Tale Of The Vanquished

As the title says, the book talks about the role of a loser in a battle. It is Ravanayana. My initial impression was that the author was trying to justify Ravana and put the blame on Rama. But not so. He is equally critical of both Rama and Ravana. Even though the story of Ramayana could easily be passed on as a myth, but striking similarities with places in Sri Lanka and India is amazing. The same is carried forward in Ravanayana.

The book also talks about another interesting character, Badra, an Aam Admi. Even though some of the parts involving him are bit dragging but gives an overall view of the war, heroes and villains in the eyes of a common lower middle class guy.

I recommend this book to who ever has interest in reading about Ramayana and Mahabaratha. It will be good if you have a little bit background on Ramayana, otherwise some of the parts may not be easily understandable. I do not recommend this book to a hardcore Brahmin because you may not agree with most of the contents.


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