Trivandrum: An official visit

This is about my travel experiences of my official visit to Trivandrum. This will not contain pictures as I forgot my camera battery.

I reached Trivandrum airport at 640 pm ten minutes prior to schedule. But I waited almost twenty minutes to collect my luggage. But otherwise exit was pretty smooth and the airport was designed like an airplane. Unlike Bangalore, we do not have many app based taxis and have to rely on prepaid taxis. But luckily I got ola. One thing you have to remember is, in Trivandrum you have two terminals. Distance would be easily three kms. So know through which terminal you are getting in or getting out. Mine was terminal two, the International airport. Road to hotel was smooth with very little traffic.

The distance from the hotel to my office at Technopark (Kazhakootam) is 14 kms and takes 40 minutes by car. But I had great difficulty in finding a cab because of the local auto mafia which do not encourage app based taxis. Also got my ola app banned for 24 hours since I cancelled three or four rides (Not me, actually the driver declined the drive). But finally got an uber cab but interestingly he cancelled my ola ride. Yes the same driver uses both ola and uber. From technopark to city, do not expect any cabs. It’s very difficult. You have to rely on autos.

From our building, we got to see Western ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. At technopark, you have small food courts that even run free shuttle to get people from different offices. From technopark to hotel, you get to see lots of high rise residential buildings amid greenery and cross backwaters and ship shaped Infosys. You can also see a startup incubation centre.

Supposed to be the richest place in the world Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is about 3 kms from the place I stayed in. I took an auto which duly ran on meter. But I did not get to the temple as it was puja time and had to wait for one hour. You have to wear dhoti to enter the temple premises. You don’t get one for rent but the rates are nominal (Rs 90 for Men and Rs 65 for women in salwar). I purchased coconut oil chips from Maha chips, a famous place in Trivandrum and is about 5 minutes walk from the temple.

Technopark to the domestic terminal one is about 15 kms and took about 45 minutes. Finally I got closer to sea, a stone’s throw away . The sea seemed rough. The terminal was very basic and there was only one air plane and that was ours going to Bangalore and then to Kolkata. But nice comfortable seats though at the airport gave us a lounge feel. I finally arrived to the comforts of Bangalore traffic in what was a value adding official trip

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